The Guide to Customer Experience: How Homeowners Want to Interact Before, During, or After a Job | Housecall Pro

And while these interactions are still extremely important, today they are only of the overall customer experience which relies more and more heavily on technology. In this guide, we look at what matters to homeowners before, during, and after a service call. These insights are supported by data from our most recent survey of over 400 homeowners. We also provide checklists and sample scripts for business owners, customer service representatives, and technicians to help you take stock of what yo

Leadfeeder | Why Drift Coined 'Conversational Marketing' – A Term That Disrupted an Industry

“The most underrated piece of marketing advice is that you’ve got to name something,” explained Dave Gerhardt, VP of Marketing at Drift. “The thing that I’ve learned the hard way a bunch of times is if you don’t name something, then it doesn’t become real.” Drift, a marketing and sales platform that allows businesses to easily have conversations with website visitors, was doing pretty well before they branded their own niche. But, as Dave explained, after they came up with the term that best d

CEO David Darmanin on How He Grew Hotjar to $9.4 Million a Year by Letting His Fully Remote Team Manage Themselves

In less than three years, David Darmanin’s user research and analytics startup, Hotjar, went from a nine-month beta to a public product with a $9.4 million Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR). The founder credits part of the company’s fast success to the fact that his entire 42 person team works remotely. "Remote was just the prerequisite," Darmanin explained in a phone interview. “We’ve taken it to the next level, which is: we really believe that people shouldn’t be managed but should be led and sh

Chicago-based Pyramid Seven Offers Boxer Briefs For Periods – and Every Body

Zipporah Jarmon started selling boxer briefs for periods because no one else was. As someone who prefers wearing boxers, her complaint is that they’re not typically designed to work well with period products. So she came up with a design for her company Pyramid Seven: boxer briefs with an inner pocket that can hold menstruation products, such as pads. And her immediate thought was that other people like her — masculine-presenting women — would be interested in the product as well. From the star

Leadfeeder | How ConvertKit Grew from $98k to $625k MRR by Doing 150 Webinars in 1 Year

In January of 2016, two friends on an annual ski trip had an unexpected conversation. Those friends were Darrell Vesterfelt and Nathan Barry. At the time, Darrell was helping other bloggers monetize their digital platforms. And Nathan was the founder of ConvertKit, an email marketing platform built specifically for professional bloggers. “Nathan and I had this epic 4 or 5-mile walk outside of Breckenridge, brainstorming what it might look like to work together,” Darrell told us during a recen

How to Be a Straight Ally at Work

A 2014 study by the Human Rights Campaign found that 53 percent of LGBT individuals remain closeted at work. According to Audrey Gallien, Director of Marketing for Catalyst, a workplace inclusion advocacy organization, even when businesses attempt to provide an inclusive environment, individuals “still must face the inter-personal risk of ‘bringing their full self’ to work”—in other words, they risk their relationship with their manager, team members, or clients changing for the worse.

How This Couple Earns $6k/Month Sharing Haunted Objects With Their Tiny Fanbase

Many creators have this preconceived notion that the only way to make money with their craft is to amass a large following. However, this hasn’t been the case for husband and wife duo Greg Newkirk and Dana Matthews who run the popular paranormal site Planet Weird. A mere 175 patrons provide over $6,000 a month via Patreon to support their project, The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and the Occult. And it isn’t just the world’s only traveling paranormal museum, it’s also Greg and Dana’s ful