The Guide to Customer Experience: How Homeowners Want to Interact Before, During, or After a Job | Housecall Pro

And while these interactions are still extremely important, today they are only of the overall customer experience which relies more and more heavily on technology. In this guide, we look at what matters to homeowners before, during, and after a service call. These insights are supported by data from our most recent survey of over 400 homeowners. We also provide checklists and sample scripts for business owners, customer service representatives, and technicians to help you take stock of what yo

This Seasonal Company Trains Employees to Start Their Own Businesses And They Have 100% Employee Retention | Housecall Pro

The business that Richard Otterstad started in 1978 has evolved in many, many ways over the past 42 years. It started out as a one-man organic gardening operation where Richard used goats used to clear people’s properties. Now it’s a brush clearing business he co-manages with his son Luke and six additional employees. (They now rely solely on power tools, although they still strongly recommend goats for larger properties). “We really think it's important to instill leadership and character qual