Articles Related to Diversity & Inclusion in the Corporate Sphere

Chicago-based Pyramid Seven Offers Boxer Briefs For Periods – and Every Body

Zipporah Jarmon started selling boxer briefs for periods because no one else was. As someone who prefers wearing boxers, her complaint is that they’re not typically designed to work well with period products. So she came up with a design for her company Pyramid Seven: boxer briefs with an inner pocket that can hold menstruation products, such as pads. And her immediate thought was that other people like her — masculine-presenting women — would be interested in the product as well. From the star

How to Be a Straight Ally at Work

A 2014 study by the Human Rights Campaign found that 53 percent of LGBT individuals remain closeted at work. According to Audrey Gallien, Director of Marketing for Catalyst, a workplace inclusion advocacy organization, even when businesses attempt to provide an inclusive environment, individuals “still must face the inter-personal risk of ‘bringing their full self’ to work”—in other words, they risk their relationship with their manager, team members, or clients changing for the worse.