How We Helped Skreened Achieve a 360% ROAS in One Month

When Skreened, an ecommerce site that sells trendy design-driven apparel and other products, approached us, they hadn’t run a Google Shopping campaign in two years. The company recognized they were missing out on an opportunity for increased revenue. They also knew how hard it is to get it right and get a great return on ad spend (ROAS). Todd Barrs, Skreened’s Vice President of Ecommerce and Marketing, told us “Paid search is a beast. It’s tough for any small business to compete in it without

Why YouTubers Should Obsess Over Their Fans, Not Fancy Equipment: Lessons from Easy Allies’ Success

When Brandon Jones and his fellow video game reviewers lost their corporate sponsorship and most of their funding, he thought they’d lose most of their fans, too. With over 130,000 subscribers to their YouTube channel, Easy Allies continues to maintain an impressive following for their videos and podcasts about video games. In a previous article, we told the story of how Easy Allies became one of the highest earning Patreon creators within 48 hours of launch. In this article, we dive deep into

Meet the Founders Who Built 6 Products in 6 Months and Learned How to Ship Better Software

• Gauge interest quickly before investing time and money into something that nobody wants. • Build new features informed by user feedback, not just gut feelings • Develop a customer base that grows with you. The case for building a minimum viable product (MVP) is nothing new: But knowing something doesn’t mean it’s easy to act on it. After all, founders tend to dream big. They want to present the best product with the coolest features to their potential users. "It’s one thing to read about M

Feature Prioritization: CEO Hannah Chaplin on Letting Customers Prioritize Features

One thing Hannah Chaplin has learned from running two successful SaaS companies is that your customers should guide new feature development and prioritization. The trick? Listen to the right customers. How? Figure out your company’s trajectory and prioritize the customers that best fit it. That’s how Chaplin and her co-founder Dan Dukeson run Receptive, their customer feedback management system, which has grown to over 780,000 users across hundreds of companies since launching in late 2014. We

This $60M Startup Shares How They Built One of the Top Engineering Teams in SF (Hint: It's Not Just About Technical Talent)

Amplitude co-founders Spenser Skates and Curtis Liu are firm believers in the existence of 10x developers: engineers that are not just incrementally more productive, but are 10x or more productive than average. After all, they’ve claimed to have built their $60 million analytics startup with a team full of these mythical developers. But Skates and Liu believe that what sets their engineers apart isn’t just their technical skills, it’s how they embody the company’s three core cultural values:

The CEO of Drift on Why SaaS Companies Can't Win on Features, and Must Win on Brand

David Cancel, the five-time founder and current CEO of Drift surprised us when he said that if you’re building a SaaS company today, you can’t win on features, you have to win on brand. Gone are the days when you could find a need, fill it, and pretty much guarantee success because you were the only one in the market, he said. Because SaaS products are so easy to build and deploy today, if a market has serious demand, it will quickly become flooded with products touting similar features. So to

Leadfeeder | How ConvertKit Grew from $98k to $625k MRR by Doing 150 Webinars in 1 Year

In January of 2016, two friends on an annual ski trip had an unexpected conversation. Those friends were Darrell Vesterfelt and Nathan Barry. At the time, Darrell was helping other bloggers monetize their digital platforms. And Nathan was the founder of ConvertKit, an email marketing platform built specifically for professional bloggers. “Nathan and I had this epic 4 or 5-mile walk outside of Breckenridge, brainstorming what it might look like to work together,” Darrell told us during a recen
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